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What Will Your Dental Implant Consultation Look Like?

May 10, 2024

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Showing male patient a dental implant at the dentist’s office

Dental implants are held up as the modern gold standard of tooth replacement. However, this is not a one-size-fits-all treatment; it requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of your specific needs. As such, the initial consultation is a vital part of the dental implant process. Here’s a look at what will happen during this appointment to ensure you’re on the right track toward rebuilding your smile.


Implant Issue: Does Vitamin D Help?

April 4, 2024

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Vitamin D supplements arranged like sunbeams next to dice spelling "vitamin D"

If you’ve lost one or more teeth and are looking for replacements, you can’t do much better than dental implants. These prosthetics are the only ones that are surgically inserted into your jawbone to function as a standalone structure. They provide several unique advantages as a result. For example, they prevent the usual jawbone deterioration that usually happens with tooth loss to preserve your facial structure. They also come with fewer dietary restrictions and are easier to clean than other options like dentures or dental bridges.

Dental implants also have an incredibly high success rate of more than 95%, although it’s still possible for them to fail. You might be surprised to learn that increasing your vitamin D levels can decrease the risk of complications. Continue reading to find out how!


Debunking the Myth: Do Dental Implants Get Cavities?

March 10, 2024

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3D render of a dental implant

Dental implants are hailed as a revolutionary solution for replacing missing teeth, offering unparalleled aesthetics and functionality. However, as with any dental restoration, questions may arise regarding their susceptibility to common oral issues. In this blog, we’ll explore the intriguing question: Can dental implants get cavities, or are they immune to this dental dilemma?